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I have not forsaken this blog. Really. School and life have conspired to eat up almost every free second I have, so I have hit the Pause button on this blog for the time being. Hopefully in the foreseeable future I will be able to eke out some time here and there to update; if … Continue reading

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  • 2,300 words and 10 pages in two hours. If I keep that up, I may actually have a novel completed in just a few short weeks.
  • It's the end of WoW raid night, so little got done in the way of actual story development, but I hit up StumbleUpon and shared some links of interest. You can find them in my Twitter feed.  The rest of Wednesday is much of the same (as today), but Thursday's goal is to get two basic story outlines fleshed out.
  • As you may (or may not) have noticed, I decided to change the site title to keep it in line with the URL address (and forthcoming domain name). This change is twofold. First, I wanted to streamline and having the blog name be completely different from the URL made no sense whatsoever. Second, I am leaning more and more towards posting here about more than just writing, so having the blog titled "Literary Leanings" seemed like false advertising. That's all I have for now. Show's over, folks. Move along.


The gray skies turn day to night. The thunder screams at the world in a lusty and violent trumpet. The lightning carves a jagged scar in the sky. When you dare to stand in the rain, your face to the heavens, it is like you are defying the gods themselves.

Power, darkness, mystery... yet it cleanses and renews. This is why I love thunderstorms.


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